Aleister Crowley Related

  • Q.B.L. or The Bride’s Reception Being a Short Cabalistic Treatise on the Nature and Use of the Tree of Life by Frater Achad

    Q.B.L. or The Bride’s Reception Being a Short Cabalistic Treatise on the Nature and Use of the Tree of Life by Frater Achad, published in 1972. Illustrated. Hardcover with original jacket with light shelfwear to corners and ends of jacket.

  • The God Eater by Aleister Crowley

    The God Eater by Aleister Crowley, published in 1970. From the publishers commentary ” “This play presents an unparalleled view of Sufi tradition in life, rather than in philosophizing and speculation. It shows that we must overcome the Beast in us, and lead it into the spiritual life that is called ‘The Christ’, or redemption.” In stiff paper covers with decorative printing and only very light shelfwear

  • The City of God A Rhapsody by Aleister Crowley

    The City of God A Rhapsody by Aleister Crowley, published in 1979 by 93 publishing. Softcover with light sheflwear only.

  • The Moonchild of Yesod by Karl Stone

    The Moonchild of Yesod by Karl Stone

    Very rarely does a genuinely original occult book appear: this work, “The Moonchild of Yesod” (subtitled “A Grimoire of Occult Hyperchemistry, or Typhonian Sex Magick”), is just such a book. With an extraordinary use of language, the author builds on the work of Mme. Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant to construct a Magickal Mirror that opens a genuine Gateway to Beyond. Covering both practical and theoretical aspects, the eleven chapters are titled Hierophantism,The Mystical VeilThe Outer Garment of the MindElemental InvocationThe Key of Tarot DynamicsThe Metaphysic of the Tarot Keys and the 93 CurrentOccult AnatomyThe 50 Gates of UnderstandingHierogamyThe Sexual Ritual of the Sepher Yetzirah and A Sabbatic Sexual Working.

    “For the use of the practising occultist and hyperchemist, giving in a compendious form a full description of obscure rites and practices, and a complete explanation of metaphysical matters, hallucinatory vortices, tentacled antheridial gateways toother worlds, the dislocation of the mind, and the deep penetrative insight that arises from these territories, arranged in an entirely novel and interesting manner.”

    From the cover:

    “Oracular gnosis, is the hypostatic precipitation of phantasma within the non-spatial stellar dimensions of the initiate. Traffick with praeter-human intelligences are received as a concussion of ‘shadow signatures’ which colour (Kalas) the magickal mirror experientially as a Somatonoësis.

    Magickally, the crystallisation of this phantasma is a Lunar sexual operation. It occurs within the oneiric womb of Yesod, which receives the praeter-human spermatozoon via the lens of Daäth (The gateway to the ‘Outer Ones’). Within this siderialised amnion, the spectral tinctures undergo a form of hyper-chemistry, whereby the colours (Kalas) out of space arouse a convolvulus within the ‘Astral Light’, manifesting an antheridial embryonate, the Moonchild (Homunculus), which consolidates it’s prescience upon the substrate of the terrestrial sphere. The Moonchild is the vehicle of the Magickal Will i.e. making the word, flesh.

    This grimoire is both a Theoretical and Practical exegesis of initiation, sexual magick, qabalah and sorcery. It elucidates the tangential and oblique method, whereby contact with the subtle occult forces are amplified from the deep soundless recesses of non-spatial stellar loci as a physicality (Somatonoësis). Such transmissions are approached indirectly and inferred by the magickal engine of the qabalah, whereby their gateways are represented as tauroid gestalts (Sephira) to the ‘Outer Ones’. Such traffick can be used for mystical or magickal operations depending upon how the practitioner utilises these subtle intrusions (Kalas) of phantasma inspissated within the alembic of the adepts occult anatomy as a Somatonoësis.”

    The Author:

    On the Outer, Karl Stone is a discordian episkopos, Bone Setter, Tibetan medical practitioner, occult mycologist, and hyperchemist of the Trans-Himalayan system. He serves as a Hyadean emissary of The Cult of The Yellow Sign. The adepts of this Order are always masked and hidden in plain sight. They receive transmissions from the Hyades, which coalesce through the planes somatonoëtically into that Star Stone, the immortalised star crystal of the astral light, otherwise known as theLapis Exellis (Stone of Lucifer)

    Published on Lughnasadh 2012, in a strictly limited edition of 418 copies, this book is beautifully designed to reflect the Golden Age of Victorian publishing, bound in pale blue buckram with silver foil blocking, printed on Favini Alga Carta White 120gsm, and features full-colour illustrations by Stafford Stone (no relation). Each copy is signed and numbered by the author, and comes with a specially designed bookmark.

  • Strange Angel: The Otherwordly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons

    Strange Angel: The Otherwordly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons by George Pendle, published in 2005 First Edition. A fascinating account of the life of occultist and visionary Parsons who’s bizarre life of experimentation with magick is recounted here. Hardcover with original jacket, near fine.

  • Remembering Aleister Crowley

    Remembering Aleister Crowley by Kenneth Grant, published in 1991. Hardcover with original jacket, near fine.

  • The Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn

    The Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn by R.G. Torrens, published in 1973. A beautiful copy of this work on the rituals, practices and symbols of some of the most guarded secret degree’s of the Golden Dawn system. Sections Include: The History of the Golden Dawn, The Holy Qabalah, The Ten Sephiroth, The Grade of Neophyte, The Zelator Ritual, Theoreticus Ritual, Members and Their Mottoes, etc. etc. Hardback with original pictoral jacket with some chipping to ends but in protective mylar.