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Egyptian initiation began, for me, on the inner planes and so it seems completely natural to write of these degrees and their gnostic, interior power and processes. No doubt inspired by the turn of the century, I had what I would describe as a SOUL DREAM1 in the month of January and the year 2000. This dream, as strange as it may sound, directed my life-course in many facets afterward.

Memphis+Misraim Entered Apprentice

One’s first initiation into Freemasonry, no matter the obedience, is a unique opportunity for enlightenment. Like all initiation, it is an opportunity, not a guarantee. Freemasonry’s particular method is rather unique, however, and stands erect throughout the past few centuries as a testament to the enduring nature of the Ancient Mysteries, the continuation of a living philosophy, and the capability of men and women of various stripes to join together in a fraternal embrace of virtue.