Hagen von Tulien

Hagen von Tulien is a contemporary artist and occultist. With about forty years of intense magical theory and practice, he has specialized in creating art as an expression and manifestation of magical states of awareness and its use as an esoteric tool. He is working in a variety of media including pen and ink, paper cut, collage and digital formats.


Egyptian initiation began, for me, on the inner planes and so it seems completely natural to write of these degrees and their gnostic, interior power and processes. No doubt inspired by the turn of the century, I had what I would describe as a SOUL DREAM1 in the month of January and the year 2000. This dream, as strange as it may sound, directed my life-course in many facets afterward.

Memphis+Misraim Entered Apprentice

One’s first initiation into Freemasonry, no matter the obedience, is a unique opportunity for enlightenment. Like all initiation, it is an opportunity, not a guarantee. Freemasonry’s particular method is rather unique, however, and stands erect throughout the past few centuries as a testament to the enduring nature of the Ancient Mysteries, the continuation of a living philosophy, and the capability of men and women of various stripes to join together in a fraternal embrace of virtue.

Excerpts from The Secret Center & Universal Nature

When circumstances begin to crumble around you, look to these two things for consolation and strength: your Secret Center, or Ruling Principle, and Universal Nature. Keeping close to these twin forces can preserve the mind from pressures of anxiety and fear. Looking to no one outside of your own inner soul for comfort and living in accord with the dictates of nature, the greatest of calamities may befall you, but you will maintain your seat, your tranquil mind, and observe the natural world within and without you with a blend of dispassion (apatheia) and organic affection.

The Snake as Keeper of the Secrets

Throughout history there has been a universal tradition in the mythology of ancient cultures wherein the snake is recognized as the keeper of the hidden secrets. The Nasseene Fragment quoted above, found as a quotation in Hippolytus of Rome’s encyclopedic “Refutations of All Heresies,” most likely refers to Jesus pleading with God to allow him to descend into the material world to rescue Sophia, who has lost her way in the illusions of this world, and when rescued becomes the personification of divine wisdom (“Sophia” means wisdom).


+PALAMAS has been incardinated as a Metropolitan of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar, and Exarch of The Misraim Chapel Rite. He holds a Charter for a Research & Philosophical Lodge of Memphis-Misraim. Along with being an active Martinist, he is the Chaplain of the OTOA-LCN and serves in the Neo-Pythagorean Gnostic Church, The Confraternity of Oblates of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, and the Boullan Academy of Spiritual Service. He is the author & illustrator of Syzygy, Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays, Hadean Press, 2013.