The Theology & Ritual of a Spiritist Chapter of Martinism and Martinèsism with Operations from Pasqually’s Original Élus Coën is an intimate look into the inner workings of an esoteric order chartered by none other than the avant-garde mystic and mage, Michael-Paul Bertiaux.

Under the direction of Tau Palamas, LUX OCCULTA, a duly consecrated Chapter of the Ordre Martinèsiste de Chenu integrates the classical Papus-derived Martinism of the Belle Epoch with the deeply theurgical workings of the Knight Masons Élus Coëns of the Universe.  Founded upon work originating in Haiti, where Martinès de Pasqually spent his final days, this order of Martinèsism is alive with the spirits of the Elect Minors, the Major Spirits of God, and the beings of the Super-celestial realm.

This text covers the five grades of the Order, the particular workings of LUX OCCULTA Chapter, and includes an entire manual of ritual work for the practitioner.

At 611 pages and illustrated throughout with three foldouts, this hand-sewn tome with decorative endpapers is a true piece of talismanic book art.

Limited to 35 deluxe editions in full leather with tiger eye patterned marbled endsheets and 200 standard editions. Deluxe Edition Sold Out

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