Qliphoth Opus V – SOLD OUT


We are doing a special limited edition run of Qliphoth Opus V for Edgar Kerval hand bound in full sting ray leather, individuals may choose to have the binding in quarter stingray and black goat if they so desire. Only 13 of these will be made and only 10 are currently being made available to the public. Cost is $450.00 plus shipping. Please allow one month for delivery as the binding process is an extensive one to work with this unique leather. 

Qliphoth Opus V

“Devouring the Draconian Flames”

Table of contents

  • Children of Cain – Laurie Pneumatikos
  • The Dream Working – Lukasz Grochocki
  • The Vortex of Fire – Asenath Mason
  •  Daäth, This Death Where Dying Lies Dead – Kabultiloa Zamradiel
  •  The Fires of Sat B'hai – Sean Woodward
  • Tiamat to Dagon – The Raging Seas of Da'ath – S. Connolly
  • The Scroll Of Kuf'Enkh – Hagen von tulien
  • Mastery and the Illusion Of Failure – Brian Dempsey
  • Tiamut Fusion and Eiji Possession – Anuki Gabual
  • Tezcatlipoca the Black – N.A:O
  •  Liber 0
  • (The Witchblood Kala) (part I) The Proclamation – Edgar Kerval / Nemirion 71
  • Andrew Cummins
  • Melek Rsh Nvth IX
  • Sean Woodward
  • Barry James Lent
  • Hagen von tulien

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