Cults of the Shadow by Kenneth Grant


Cults of the Shadow by Kenneth Grant, published in 1976 First American Edition. An unusual work that explores the Left Hand path occult traditions including the Ophidian Traditions of Africa, the Draconian Cults of Ancient Egypt, and the Tantric System of India and the Far East, etc. Also the use of sexual energies to awaken serpent power. Sections Include: The Psycho-Sexual Substances of the Shadow, The Afro-Tantric Tarot of the Kalas, Left-Handed Tantra and the Cult of the Fire Snake, The Cult of the Beast (Aleister Crowley), Frater Achad and the Cult of Ma-Ion, Cult of the Black Snake (La Couleuvre Noire), The Sorceries of Zos (Austin O. Spare), etc. etc. Illustrated with plates. Bound hardback with original jacket with only the lightest shelfwear. The previous owner has reinforced the corners of the jacket with very small pieces of clear tape.