Covensense by Patricia Crowther


Covensense by Patricia Crowther, published in 2010. From the publisher: “Patricia Crowther explores some of the many questions she has been asked over almost 50 years as an initiate of the craft and a high priestess of the Great Goddess. What is a witch’s ladder? Why is the left hand associated with the devil? and Is it true that only a young woman can become a high priestess? are just some of the questions addressed here. An acknowledged authority on witchcraft and magic, the author offers the reader the benefit of her considerable knowledge. There are sections on Magic Mirrors, the validity of self-initiation, how to protect oneself against ill-wishing, the Mansions of the Moon, talismans, the language of flowers, and a guide to running a successful coven.” Hardcover with original jacket with only very light shelfwear. $250.00