Brewster’s Letters on Natural Magic Addressed to Sir Water Scott


Brewster’s Letters on Natural Magic Addressed to Sir Water Scott with Engravings Complete in One Volume, Published in 1833.  Brewster was a British scientist of considerable standing. In this volume he pens a dismissive reply to Sir Walter Scott’s Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft of 1830, and attempts to scientifically debunk the supernatural. He cites the use of scientific principles by ancient governments and religious orders to frighten and delude the populace for their own advantage. He also covers a variety of other scientific curiosities and marvels (optical, auditory, chemical, mechanical, atmospheric, etc.), providing logical reasoning to counter superstition, while recognizing the hand of the Creator. Contains discussions on technological innovations of the period, including Babbage’s “most extraordinary” calculating machine. First of this “Harper’s Family Library No. L.” edition. Early Harper imprint. 12mo in original publisher’s cloth. Good minus. The printed cloth boards and endpapers are foxed, the spine is stained but whole and clear. The text is good+ with the exception of a tiny light stain at inner hinge through the first 20 pages.