Sabbatica II – Deluxe Edition – SOLD OUT

The Seas of Blood and Transmigration of the Black Flame

This is Edgar’s original Sabatica II, reformatted and hand bound in the highest quality vegetable tanned goat skin.

A skull and flame motif is handcrafted into each board using leathers and marbled paper
and the endsheets are matching hand marbled papers.

We are releasing a very small print run of 30 copies of Edgar Kerval’s
Sabbatica II “The Seas of Blood and Transmigration of the Black Flame”

Edgar Keval’s Ophidian Fetish Mandala CD will be included with each volume.


Sections Include: 

Ljóssal Lodursson
Náhellenia: The Nether Moon with the Adversarial Path

Abby Helasdottir
When the Corpse Quickly Begins to Cool

Brian Dempsey

Asenath Mason
The Skull of Beelzebub

Sean Woodward
Spider Sorcerers from Universe B

Timothy Donaghue
Possession Acts of Theophilia

Lukasz Grochocki
The 7 Realms Working

Daemon Barzai
Thantifaxath: The Black Kteis

S. Connolly
The Alchemical Preparation of Daemonic Elixirs

Arturo Royal
The Source of Magick

Edgar Kerval
Sexual Congress The Blackened Serpent and the Communion of Lilith & Samael