Demon Possession and Allied Themes by John L. Nevius


Demon Possession and Allied Themes by John L. Nevius, published in 1894.  First edition. Rare. Having embarked on a mission to China, Nevius encounters tales told to him by Chinese Christians, of Demon Possession. Nevius tells of his writing to other Protestant missionaries on the topic, asking them about the particular symptoms they encountered and what methods (both traditional Chinese and Christian) have been tried in exorcism. He records some of their many responses in chapters four, five, and six. In many of the alleged cases of demon possession it is said the demons asked to be worshipped before they would depart. This request was often fulfilled as people were desperate to rid their family member of the evil spirit. Also of interest is that Christianity benefitted as stories of its success in exorcizing demons spread. 520 pages of detailed accounts, historical citations and theories. Hardcover with shelfwear, inner gutters lightly cracked, old library stamps and marks.